More Than Human is not who we are, it’s what we do. Our work makes your business more memorable, more present, more than what it is. What we are is a company of highly skilled brand builders and brand managers making what you do look unforgettable. Cards to campaigns, from the very large to the very small and back again — our work with your business will keep it top of mind for your audience.

We are nice and nimble
We value relationships and so we work to make the process and delivery of design a friendly, free and open dialogue. This, we know, makes for the best outcomes for design. And, working as a small team — our designers are also our client service — we are quick to communicate and quick to turn around the tasks at hand.

We understand value
We are creators of value — design done correctly will have perceived value greater than its actual value.

…and we value clarity of communication
If you’re selling a product or a policy what matters most is getting people to understand immediately what it is you are selling. At More Than Human we understand and use clear and concise communication — visual and written — as the foundation of all that we do in making your communication the best that it can possibly be.