We design for the big, the small
and everything inbetween.

We have built and maintained successful brands and communication for multinational corporates, state and local government to not-for-profits and start-up entrepreneurs. Our focus is on designing for people-driven and personcentred services — disability service providers, councils and charities — businesses we feel that deliver a betterment for community. We work towards, and expect, only the best results no matter the size of organisation.

Our Clients.

Mud Australia design, make and sell a range of handmade porcelain wares via our own retail stores, a dedicated web presence and high-end 3rd party retail locations (Barney’s, Liberty, etc.), both locally and overseas. Our brand is considered design and quality expressed through simple silhouettes and a sophisticated colour palette. As much as possible we aim to sit outside the cycles of trends and fashion. More than Human and it’s principal, Alan Lippert, have been integral to the delivery of this brand vision/strategy since we started working with them in 2004.

More than Human provide us with considered, honest work that seamlessly presents and reflects the brand qualities across our offerings, from logo through to packaging and everything in between. Most importantly they approach all their work with us over the last 14 years from a point of deep understanding about our business and brand.

James Kirton, Director, Mud Australia

The terrific team of Matt and Alan at More Than Human exceeded our expectations for what a design/advertising agency could be.

They arrived ready to work and were interested in finding an outcome that made us happy and wasn’t simply tailored to suit their own design preferences. Their intuitive understanding of our business led to tailored campaign that fit our brief and budget.

I am absolutely convinced that the material we put into the market would not and could not have been executed so well without their direction and input.

Philip Gray, General Manager, Marquis